Pillars of Hercules

Once a vibrant place In Second Life
Welcome to a story of Heroes!

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This story starts when two hostesess of the Pillars of Hercules
leave the place forever

After Scottie threatened Marybelle with a ban, she desided to get her bar and other items to her inventory, just in case. That seemed a good decision, because Scottie banned her from the Pillars the next day. Psyche was also banned, just because she was Marybelles friend. Obviously Scottie thinks it is no problem to destroy a community that has been loyal to the sim for about a year...

Hercules, Eros, Hermes, Poseidon and Pegasus

When Hercules got the news that Marybelle was leaving after Scottie had threatened her with a ban, he became fired up and a fired up Hercules aint a pretty thing to see. ... Read More

Hercules talks to Scottie ..